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Animals can do it so can you

There is a spider, a member of the Cyclosa genus, that has recently been discovered to construct a decoy spider, made of dried out insects and bits of leaf and debris. Read more
A Cichlid fish (one of which is the common Tilapia) couple will take turns to fan their eggs with their fins to increase oxygen flow. Read more
The digger wasp’s amazing way to prepare its young for survival. When laying eggs, it will dig hunt for prey such as a caterpillar which is not killed but paralysed. Read more
The grunion fish risks its life by leaving the water to bury its eggs in the sand about 5 centimetres down. Read more
Salmons’ sacrifice. From the open oceans, they return to the specific river of origin, adjusting from salt water to fresh, swimming upstream against the current, without eating. Read more

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