Spider Construct a Decoy Spider

Decoy Spider

There is a spider, a member of the Cyclosa genus, that has recently been discovered to construct a decoy spider, made of dried out insects and bits of leaf and debris, that looks very like a spider from afar on its web. This decoy is about 5 times the spider’s normal size and appears to wobble back and forth when something approaches the web as a defense mechanism to deflect attacks by predators. Nature is fascinating right?

You could do a similar thing to protect yourself from creditors and maintain anonymity as an owner. We are not suggesting that you build a decoy of yourself but you can set up an equivalent of a decoy through a trust structure that is legal and fully compliant with the law, to keep you and your family safe from creditors and prying eyes.

Many animals go to great lengths to prepare their young for survival in life. We, as parents, can make sure our young children are taken care of if we are no longer around through a trust.