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Rockwills International Group, the leading professional estate planning specialist, has to date written over 150,000 Wills and it is our estimate that only five percent of the population eligible to write their Wills. While the awareness of the importance of Wills in estate planning has increased since our early days in 1995, it is still not widespread with as high as 95 percent of the eligible ones who have not written their Wills. Compared to 60% who do not have life insurance in this country.

Many families continue to lose track of the deceased breadwinner’s assets and fail to claim them. A local newspaper reported in 2011 that there were RM42 billion unclaimed assets. As you can see, there is a huge market that remains untapped. So if you have persuasive skills, love to deal with people issues and are willing to learn, join us. We are in a noble profession that has been dedicated to help families with inheritance issues for many years.

Stand out among the crowd. There are only slightly over 4,000 of our Rockwills estate planners in this business compared to over a hundred thousand agents in the financial services industry.

Why Join Rockwills?

  • 19 years in estate planning (household brand name)
  • More than 25 full time legal advisors
  • Covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Regular seminars and workshops
  • Have Asset Under Trust (AUT) of over RM1 billion
  • Own licensed Trustee Company, corporate services in Singapore and worldwide network
  • Provides comprehensive advisory estate planning services (RAS) for high net worth client
  • Provide tailor-made comprehensive Will
  • Unique identification bar code for Rockwills Will
  • State of art custody center with digitally coded custody card
Get started today

In line with the growing trend of owning your own business, Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd also has opportunities available for qualified applicants to be our Rockwills Estate Planner.

With an affordable franchise fee currently at RM2,788 for five years, starting your own business as a Rockwills Estate Planner is an opportunity of a lifetime. In addition, this fee comes with a free 5 year Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of RM500,000, and free RBS membership during the 5 years term.

We provide you with a comprehensive training programme to make sure that you possess the know-how to run your franchise business from all the legal aspects to the marketing aspects of the Estate Planning business. And you will also enjoy the continuous support from our own in-house legal advisors concerning legal matters.

You are free to practice your entrepreneurial skills and utilize your ideals to expand your business - you can set up your own office (which we subsidize if you justify well), advertise locally, make presentations, construct displays, source leads, hold exhibitions, talk to businesses, charities, become involved in the local business community, and develop a reputation of high standing in your community.

In addition to the Marketing and Advertising support, you will also enjoy extra incentives such as Rockwills Golden Club - overseas trips, outstanding performance recognition, and other cash incentives to enhance your income. As a franchisee of Rockwills you can also enjoy all the benefits available under Rockwills Business Solutions membership.

The company also introduces career advancement to become Senior Franchisees with the following benefits:

  • To allow franchisees to expand their network of franchisees
  • To have a reward system for franchisees who have helped Rockwills in expanding its network of franchisees and estate planning business
  • To recognize the excellent performance of franchisees

With the Senior Franchisee System, franchisees who achieved the promotion criteria can be promoted to Senior Franchisees and earn recruitment fee as well as overriding commission on the downline franchisees’ sales.